Colorful Abstract Painting

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Size: 20"x20"
Size Chart Inches/CM
20"x20" inches 50x50 CM
24"x24" inches 61x61 CM
28"x28" inches 71x71 CM
35"x35" inches 90x90 CM
39"x39" inches 100x100 CM
43"x43" inches 110x110 CM
47"x47" inches 120x120 CM
51"x51" inches 130x130 CM
55"x55" inches 140x140 CM
59"x59" inches 150x150 CM
72"x72" inches 182x182 CM
79"x79" inches 200x200 CM
85"x85" inches 215x215 CM
20"x30" inches 50x76 CM
24"x36" inches 60x91 CM
30"x40" inches 70x100 CM
36"x48" inches 90x120 CM
40"x60" inches 100x150 CM
48"x64" inches 120x162 CM
48"x72" inches 120x182 CM
60"x80" inches 150x200 CM
20"x40" inches 50x100 CM
24"x48" inches 60x120 CM
30"x60" inches 76x152 CM
36"x72" inches 91x182 CM
40"x80" inches 101x202 CM
47"x94" inches 120x240 CM
Framing Option: Unstretched/rolled

Colorful Abstract Art

Introduce an explosion of vibrant hues and artistic dynamism with our Colorful Abstract Art. This stunning masterpiece infuses your space with an electrifying burst of energy and creativity, transforming dull walls into captivating focal points. Elevate your home decor with this unique and expressive artwork that exudes style and individuality.

Crafted to inspire, the Colorful Abstract Art Painting promises to breathe life into any room, whether it's your living space, bedroom, or office. Its kaleidoscope of colors and captivating forms invites onlookers to immerse themselves in the boundless world of abstract art.

Dive into a realm where each brushstroke embodies a symphony of colors, igniting imagination and stirring emotions. This exceptional piece isn't just wall decor—it's a conversation starter, an expression of artistic brilliance that sparks creativity and invigorates your surroundings.

Colorful Abstract Wall Art

Revitalize your space and let your walls transcend the ordinary with the mesmerizing allure of our Colorful Abstract Art, a testament to vibrant artistry and individuality.


  • This is 100% original oil painting on canvas, not an embellished print.
  • Stretching and framing are based on the selected option.
  • Fully insured and securely packed for shipping.
  • Fast production and delivery time.

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