5 Health Benefits of Adorning Your Home with Art

5 Health Benefits of Adorning Your Home with Art

Health Benefits of Adorning Your Home with Art

Art has been a cornerstone of interior decor for centuries, gracing the walls of homes from grand estates to trendy apartments. While we often choose paintings based on our personal aesthetic preferences, it's fascinating to learn that this creative expression can also have positive impacts on our health. In this article, we'll explore five remarkable health benefits of incorporating art into your home.


1. Expression of Self-Identity

The artwork you select for your home is more than just a decorative choice; it's a reflection of your personality, cultural background, life experiences, and interests. Like artists who communicate through their creations, we convey our stories and emotions through the art that adorns our walls. Moreover, it serves as a conversation starter, enabling us to share our thoughts and feelings with friends and family.


2. Elevation of Mood and Promotion of Mindfulness

Studies conducted by University College London suggest that viewing beautiful paintings can lead to increased blood flow in the brain, similar to the effect of gazing at a loved one. Neurobiologist Professor Semir Zeki notes that observing art activates the brain's pleasure center. This means that incorporating art into your living space can provide opportunities for mindfulness and moments of contemplation, much like wandering through an art gallery.


3. Stress Reduction through Positive Emotions

Art therapy has long been recognized as a natural method for alleviating anxiety and depression. However, if you're not inclined towards creating art yourself, you can still reap its benefits by simply gazing at it. Visual art has been found to have an anti-inflammatory effect, with research from UC Berkeley indicating that it evokes positive emotions, which in turn reduce inflammatory proteins in the body. This translates to lower stress levels and improved emotional well-being.


4. Enhanced Brain Functionality

Neuroaesthetics, a field of study focused on the neurological responses to art, confirms what art enthusiasts have intuited for years – art is beneficial for the brain. Viewing paintings stimulates critical thinking, pattern recognition, decision-making, idea generation, and emotional connections as we seek to find meaning within the artwork. This enriches cognitive abilities and fosters a deeper appreciation for art.


5. Emotional Healing and Post-Operative Recovery

Psychologist and poet Joan Cusack Handler suggests that viewing art allows us to explore our emotions and experiences, facilitating a healing process. In addition to this, a study published in the Journal for Organizational Psychology reveals that exposure to Abstract Romanticism paintings can expedite post-operative recovery, leading to shorter hospital stays. The uplifting mood induced by art plays a crucial role in this accelerated healing process.



By adorning our living spaces with captivating paintings, we not only create aesthetically pleasing environments, but also foster a range of health benefits. From elevating mood to reducing stress and enhancing cognitive function, art proves itself to be a powerful tool for overall well-being. So, let your walls become canvases for self-expression and healing, and relish the artistic journey that leads to a healthier, happier you. Explore our curated collection of handmade oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, framed to perfection, and embark on your own artistic adventure with original Paints Lab. Enjoy!

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