Banksy Balloon Girl 100% Hand-Painted

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Size: 20"x20"
Size Chart Inches/CM
20"x20" inches 50x50 CM
24"x24" inches 61x61 CM
28"x28" inches 71x71 CM
35"x35" inches 90x90 CM
39"x39" inches 100x100 CM
43"x43" inches 110x110 CM
47"x47" inches 120x120 CM
51"x51" inches 130x130 CM
55"x55" inches 140x140 CM
59"x59" inches 150x150 CM
72"x72" inches 182x182 CM
79"x79" inches 200x200 CM
85"x85" inches 215x215 CM
20"x30" inches 50x76 CM
24"x36" inches 60x91 CM
30"x40" inches 70x100 CM
36"x48" inches 90x120 CM
40"x60" inches 100x150 CM
48"x64" inches 120x162 CM
48"x72" inches 120x182 CM
60"x80" inches 150x200 CM
20"x40" inches 50x100 CM
24"x48" inches 60x120 CM
30"x60" inches 76x152 CM
36"x72" inches 91x182 CM
40"x80" inches 101x202 CM
47"x94" inches 120x240 CM
Framing Option: +Black Frame

Banksy Girl With Balloon

Elevate your space with the captivating allure of Banksy Gir with Balloon, an exquisite 100% hand-painted masterpiece. This iconic artwork isn't just a visual delight but a testament to the fusion of art and social commentary. The girl, reaching for a heart-shaped balloon, symbolizes the fleeting nature of our aspirations and the beauty found in simplicity.

Adorning your walls with this poignant piece isn't merely decorative—it's an invitation to contemplate the deeper layers of meaning woven into urban art. Banksy Girl with Balloon transcends the canvas, sparking conversations about hope, innocence, and the human experience.

This artful creation not only infuses your surroundings with aesthetic brilliance but also serves as a reminder of the profound impact of street art on culture and society. With its timeless appeal, owning this masterpiece allows you to cherish and share the essence of Banksy's message while respecting budget-conscious choices.

Balloon Girl: A Symbolic Addition to Your Space

Owning "Balloon Girl" isn't solely about possessing a remarkable piece of art—it's about fostering a tangible connection to the essence of Banksy's message. This artwork encapsulates the essence of societal commentary, offering a constant reminder of the profound influence of street art on culture and society. It stands as a testament to the enduring power of creativity in shaping our perceptions, encouraging critical thought, and preserving the cultural fabric that binds us together.


  • 100% Hand-Painted original oil painting on canvas, not an embellished print.
  • Stretching and framing are based on the selected option.
  • Fully insured and securely packed for shipping.
  • Fast production and delivery time.

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